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Click below to listen to recent sermons from Oak Hill Baptist Church. (Note: Some versions of Internet Explorer may have trouble playing these files.  To resolve this issue, put your browser in compatibility mode.)

You can also download archived sermons here! Click the links below to view sermon PowerPoints (when available).

2020-02-16 Message – Jim Mersereau

2020-02-09 Message – Jim Mersereau

2020-02-02 Message – Jim Mersereau

2020-01-26 Message – Jim Mersereau

2020-01-19 Message – Jim Mersereau

2020-01-12 Message – Jim Mersereau

2020-01-05 Message – Jim Mersereau

2019-01-05 Message – Jim Mersereau

2 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Thanks Bro Jim for the sermon. You are not only teaching what God tells us, but you are also teaching us how to apply what God says to our life. Love you honesty about yourself. God Bless Geneva Harris

    1. Thank you Geneva. Also, I hope to get over to see you and Ron this week or next. Linda has been sick a lot lately and these months have also been extremely busy. In addition to all the normal church work, I have had the responsibility of planning and preparing for a medical and dental mission to the Amazon Jungle. I will lead that team beginning on February 20th and will be gone for two weeks. But most of the preparations are now complete and I hope to have a little extra time for visiting before I leave for Peru.

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