Devotional for Monday February 19th

Good Morning Everyone,


Our theme for this month: “Graciousness”


Our Bible verse for today: “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit.” 2 Kings 2:9 (NIV)


Our thought for today: “You can be both gracious and bold.”


The Old Testament prophet Elisha is an interesting study in contrasts between great boldness and gentle graciousness. Elisha had served as a personal assistant and understudy to the prophet Elijah. He saw Elijah perform many miracles, and he heard Elijah boldly preach prophetic words from God – even to the point of confronting and challenging kings and queens.


When it was getting close to the time for Elijah to leave this life and to be transported to heaven Elisha boldly declared that he wanted to inherit a double portion of Elijah’s power. Not just that he wanted to follow in Elijah’s footsteps, and not just that he hoped to maybe one day become as great a prophet as Elijah, he wanted to be twice the prophet Elijah had been – and he said so!


And sure enough, Elisha did inherit the mantle of Elijah’s ministry and he did go on to perform twice as many miracles as Elijah did. Also, Elisha had a long ministry of boldly proclaiming the words of God, and of standing strong in the face of hostile kings and armies. Elisha was a very bold man indeed.


But he was also an exceedingly kind, compassionate, and gracious man. He had a soft spot for widows, providing food and protection for them. He had compassion on a grieving mother and raised her dead son back to life. He fed hungry prophets, purified the water supply for a thirsty town, healed an Aramean general who was suffering from leprosy, stopped an epidemic of food poisoning, and much more. In addition to being bold and fearless, Elisha was kind-hearted, caring, and gracious.


It is possible to be both. Boldness and graciousness do not cancel each other out. As the people of God we should be bold. Like Elisha we shouldn’t hesitate to ask God to do great things in us and through us. He is a mighty God who loves to accomplish magnificent things through his faithful people. So ask Him to empower you and to use you.


But at the same time be gracious about it. Be kind and caring. Look out for the little guy, help those who are struggling, encourage those who are down, cuddle a baby, hug a widow, visit a sick person.


We should be bold and confident as we go out into the world in the name of Jesus proclaiming Biblical truth, and at the same time we can help to make the world a better place by spreading kindness and compassion too. You can be both bold and gracious.


God Bless,

Pastor Jim

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