Devotional for Wednesday January 24th

Good Morning Everyone,


Our theme for this month: “Balance”


Our Bible verse for today: “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.” Romans 11:36 (HCSB)


Our thought for today: “Keep Jesus on the throne in your heart.”


It dawned on me this morning that I need to offer a word of clarification regarding the issue of balance in life. In a previous devotional I noted that the four components which make-up our being as a person are the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I then stated that we need to pay proper attention to all four of those components in order to have a healthy and balanced life.


That’s true with respect to structuring our lives and allotting our time. We need to be sure we’re making the time to take care of ourselves in each of those four key areas. However, I did not mean to suggest that all four components are equally important. They are not. The physical, mental, and emotional don’t even begin to compare in significance and importance to the spiritual. They are all interconnected, and each does impact the other, but the other three not equal in importance to the spiritual. Jesus has to be on the throne of our heart; our relationship with Him must be the foundation upon which everything else is built; He must be the center around which everything else revolves.


In his book “The Intimate Journey” author Joel Warne explained this truth beautifully when he wrote, “I don’t need another separate piece called ‘religion’ to try to balance among them. Instead, I need an integrating faith, one that infuses all the individual pieces of my life with a unifying spirit, tone, and direction; a faith that is the focus and springboard of my life. I need an experience of God that speaks to my fractured soul, like Jesus spoke to the ill woman, ‘your faith has headed you. Go in peace.’ A permeating relationship like that is certainly what God has in mind.”


Yes. Our relationship with Jesus must be at the center of our being and everything else in life must be influenced by it. And beyond that, as Joel noted above, our strong faith in Christ must permeate and infuse all the rest of life. More than just being a piece of life that is balanced against the other pieces, our relationship with Christ infuses, impacts, and influences all other parts of life.


When it comes to structuring our lives and carving out sufficient time for all the most important things, it’s true that the practice of our faith must necessarily take a place along with sleep and school and work and family activities etc. That’s just the reality of life in the physical world. Unless you’re a monk in a monastery who does nothing all day except pray, read the Bible, and chant in the cathedral, there has to be room for many other things too. But that doesn’t mean those other things are equal to the spiritual, or as important as your relationship with Christ. They are not.


As Paul so succinctly stated in Romans 11:36, Christ is the center. Everything else in life comes from Him and must be in subjection to Him.


God Bless,

Pastor Jim

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