Devotional for Thursday December 28th

Good Morning Everyone,


Our theme for this month: “Living with no excuses”


Our Bible verse for today: “No rotten talk should come from your mouth, but only what is good for the building up of someone in need, in order to give grace to those who hear.” Ephesians 4:29 (HCSB)


Our thought for today: “Speak life”


This might seem silly but even though I’m almost sixty-four, when I work-out I often listen to Christian rap music. I do. The strong beat and the intensity of the lyrics gets my blood pumping and motivates me to work-out harder. (I’m not going to tell you whether or not I also shuck and jive along with the music, you don’t need to know that, but since I work-out by myself in my garage I could do that if I wanted to and nobody would see me.)


My favorite Christian rap artist is Toby Mac. On one of his older albums he has a song called “Speak Life”. It’s all about the power of words. One line goes, “Though it’s crazy, amazing, we can turn a heart with the words we say. Mountains crumble with every syllable. Hope can live or die. So speak life, speak life … to the deadest darkest night. Speak life, speak life …Look into the eyes of the brokenhearted; watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope, you speak love, you speak life …”


This is a common theme in the Bible. Over and over again God warns us to watch our words and to choose them carefully. James reminds us that the tongue is like a little spark that can set an entire forest ablaze. James and Paul both teach that Christians are to not use profanity or even course speech. And Jesus warns that we will be held accountable for every word we speak.


So you would think that Christians would be especially mindful of their words and would be careful to “Speak life” instead of death. But sadly that’s often not the case. I hear Christians use profanity more often than you would think. It’s also not uncommon for a Christian to allow their words to be fueled by anger or emotion and they end up saying things that should not be said.


I’m also saddened and disappointed by the tone of the rhetoric Christians sometimes use when they’re engaged in political disagreements and especially in the culture wars. Much of the opinion and social commentary coming from “Christians” is absolutely scathing, overheated, mean-spirited, and even hateful. They then excuse themselves by explaining that they feel strongly about the issue and they have a right to say so. Well, yes they do have a right to say so. But you can make your point better, and have a better chance of being listened to, if you speak in a reasoned and moderate tone than if you’re overheated and mean.


All too often our words are unacceptable and unbiblical. But there’s no excuse for it. Our tongue is one of the first body parts that should surrendered to the control of the Holy Spirit. Don’t make excuses for your unacceptable speech. Make it a point to speak words of life, speak words that bless people.


God Bless,

Pastor Jim












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