Devotional for Friday December 15th

Good Morning Everyone,


Our theme for this month: “Living with no excuses”


Our Bible verse for today: “Happy is the one who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 8:34-35 (NRSV)


Our thought for today: “God is speaking but are you listening?”


There’s no question that God speaks. The problem is that many of us don’t really listen. From start to finish the Bible is evidence of the fact that God wants to be heard by His people and He wants to be understood by them.


The Bible itself is God’s letter to us. Beyond that, we find both in the Bible and by experience in our own lives and in the lives of others, that God also speaks in an infinite number of other ways. He speaks to us through His creation, through dreams, through circumstances, and through other Christians. We read in the Bible that to some people He spoke through a burning bush, through a storm, and even through the mouth of a donkey. That example has always been encouraging to me. I mean, if he can speak through the mouth of a donkey then He can certainly speak through me as a preacher (although between the two of us I’m sure I’m more of a challenge to Him than the donkey was!)


The problem isn’t whether or not God speaks to us – He does, the problem is that we don’t listen. There are things we have to do in order to place ourselves in a position before God whereby we’re attentive and can hear Him. God seldom shouts or even raises His voice. Instead He is soft and quiet and almost never audible (I’ve never audibly heard His voice). He speaks to us primarily through the words of the Bible, but also through prayer, and through the circumstances of our lives, and through the counsel of mature Christians, and through preaching and teaching, and through Christian music, and in many other ways too.


Unfortunately many of us make excuses for not doing the very things we need to do in order to hear from God. We make excuses for not reading our Bibles, or for not praying. We make excuses for not going to church, and therefore we don’t hear the sermons and Bible studies, and we are not in fellowship with other Christians. You get the point. If we want to hear from God then we need to place ourselves in a position before Him whereby we can hear Him.


The more ways in which we place ourselves before Him the more we will hear from Him. Seldom does He speak to us in only one way. Usually, if He has something to say to us, He will do so in multiple ways. That’s necessary because we’re thick-headed and spiritually dull. Therefore we need to have His word confirmed for us. So you will hear from Him through the words of the Bible, and then perhaps through impressions in prayer, and maybe in the words of a sermon, and perhaps through the counsel of friends, and probably in other ways too.


The fact is that God does speak to us, but often we’re not listening. Instead we’re making excuses for not reading, not praying, not going to church, etc. I encourage you to renew your commitment in 2018 to do as many things as you can to place yourself in a position before God whereby you can hear Him clearly and often.


God Bless,

Pastor Jim

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