Devotional for Wednesday October 25th

Good Morning Everyone,


Our theme for this month: “A prosperous life”


Our Bible verse for today: “Happy is one who cares for the poor; the Lord will keep him and preserve him. The Lord will keep him and preserve him; he will be blessed in the land.” Psalm 41:1-2 (HCSB)


Our thought for today: “Serving and giving makes for a happy life.”


Psychologists will tell you that the happiest people are those who are generous by nature and who enjoy serving others. The unhappiest people are those who are not generous and who seldom do things for others. (Think Bob Cratchit as opposed to Ebenezer Scrooge).


It’s simply an observable and clinically verifiable fact that when we take our eyes off of ourselves and do things for others it makes us happy. Whereas being self-centered, uncaring, and stingy tends to make a person sour and unhappy. Not only is this a Biblical truth, and not only is it proven simply by observing people, as well as by clinical studies conducted by psychologists as they worked with depressed and unhappy people, but it has also been medically proven.


Decades ago medical researchers discovered that the acts of generosity and service release endorphins in the brain. Endorphin is a chemical that induces a sensation of satisfaction, pleasure, and peace. Some scientists have compared it to the effect opioids have on the body. They discovered there are certain activities we can engage in that serve to release endorphins, thereby causing us to be happy. When you eat something that tastes especially good to you, endorphins are released in the brain causing a deep sense of pleasure. Sexual intimacy is another example. Serving and blessing others is another activity that falls into this category of endorphin-induced feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.


In the Bible God tells us that blessing others will have this effect on us. Psalm 41:1-2 is just one of the many passages that remind us of this great truth. You bless others, God will bless you, and you will feel good about it.


The happiest people I have ever known have been then those who were generous and who had a servant’s heart. The unhappiest people I know are those who are self-centered, stingy, and who are forever focused on their own issues and problems.


The best and happiest life you will have is when you make it a point to bless others. Doing things for others simply makes us feel good, it makes us happy. That’s the way God designed us.


God Bless,

Pastor Jim

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